Share information about crime and suspicious activity to anywhere,

instantly ⚡️ 

Direct updates to your inbox 📫

Any crime that happens in your home suburb gets sent directly to you via a push notification. 

So no matter where you are, Saven will keep you up to date.

Maps for crime locations 🗺

The first question about an incident is "Which street did it occur?" With the new maps, you can get detailed locations of where a crime has occurred. Find out which street it happened on or how far away from your house. We won't just tell you the location we will show you the location. 

Latest updates 🗞

Stay connected to not just your suburb but your city as well. View an activity feed of updates from all around you. Who knows, you may hold information that could make a difference. You can even edit the radius so you only see the most relevant information.

Broadcast information to anywhere 📢

Broadcast alerts to not only your home location but to ANY location. Send Broadcasts to suburbs, landmarks, specific buildings and venues - anywhere. Share and receive critical information wherever you are, anywhere in the world.

Take photos 📸

If you see something, take a photo. Photos are a good way to capture physical evidence in the moment. The photo can then be added to your Broadcast.

Threads to discuss more 🗣

Start a thread and provide more context, an update, or further discuss the details of what happened.

Find what you are looking for 🔍

Keyword search makes things easier to find. For example, if you search “theft” All thefts then display in the search results. You can also search by suburb to list all crimes that have occurred within that suburb. Type in any keyword and Saven will display search results with the newest first.

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